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Equestrian Adventuresses Series - True Stories of women traveling the world on horseback.

 Saddles and Sisterhood: Book 1

 Going the Distance: Book 2

 Leg Up: Book 3

 Have Breeches Will Travel: Book 4

 Horse Nomads: Book 5

Around the World on 180 Days Series - Fictional Action/Adventure Novellas

 The Quest for Dracula's Lost Treasure: Book 1

 *Coming Soon!* The Quest for the Hidden Viking Hoard: Book 2

 *Coming Soon!* The Quest for Atilla the Hun's Golden Saddle: Book 3

 *Coming Soon!* The Quest for Panthers in Panama: Book 4

Horse Riding Vacations Travel Guide Books

 2021-2022 Horse Riding in Every State & Country

Educational Horse Riding Books

 Speaking the Horse Language

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