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Around the World on 180 Horses:
The Quest for Dracula's Lost Treasure

"Indiana Jones and Expedition Unknown meets 'The Saddle Club' in this gripping treasure-hunting on horseback adventure series."

A chance encounter brings 3 Equestrian Adventuresses together in the small European country of Romania. 

 -Rachel: the daredevil eventer and freelance journalist who is quick to speak her mind.
 -Sally: the endurance riding archeologist who’s timid nature hasn’t stopped her from recently taking up the role of “treasure hunter.”
 -Alina: the powerful polo player and Azerbaijani royal who likes to ride fast and has a point to prove. 

The man behind the legends of Dracula, Vlad Dracula the Third, has been hiding a secret for centuries… the location of his resting place, and with it a hidden fortune. Determined to uncover the truth behind this mysterious king, and hero to the Romanian people, the three adventuresses saddle up and embark on a daring quest in the untouched Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania. 

Will they find Dracula’s lost treasure? Or will the bears, wolves, and mountains prove too much for their horses? 

WARNING: This series may cause wanderlust and the sudden urge to quit your day job and ride off into the horizon...

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