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Going the Distance
Equestrian Adventuresses Book 2

“It was too late. Scooby’s rope tightened in my grip as I flew over the wobbly sand while he plummeted straight down underground… Quicksand.”

Travel to India, Iceland, Italy, South America, New Zealand and more as you embark on countless adventures in the saddle. In this book you will find out what it’s like to move to another country and fall in love with a horse abroad. You’ll discover the wild’s of the “bush” while traveling with packhorses and a rifle across New Zealand. And you’ll conquer hardship after hardship while your young toddlers accompany your horseback adventures across South America. This heartwarming book is full of inspirational stories written by a variety of authors whose learned firsthand what it’s like to overcome a variety of challenges while on the trail.

Here’s some of what you’ll find in this book...

    -Searching for your dream horse in India
    -Long riders trekking across South America… with toddlers!
    -A real life journey into the wilds of New Zealand with a rifle and some pack horses
    -Becoming a “local” while Show Jumping in Italy
    -Learning to be a true “cowgirl” while working on a ranch in the USA

Plus much, much more!

This book is perfect for riders wanting to travel on horseback to exotic countries around the world.
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