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Have Breeches Will Travel
Equestrian Adventuresses Book 4

“My finger was broken. My horse lay three and a half feet below me, sprawled flat out in knee-deep mud. I asked myself for the millionth time: how did I get here?”

Travel to Romania, Morocco, Namibia, Italy, Greenland and more as you embark on countless adventures in the saddle. In this book you will journey along a future pipeline to try and stop it from being built. You’ll discover the wild’s of the Namibian Khalahari desert as you gallop alongside giraffes. And you’ll find yourself getting hired for a job as a trail guide completely by accident. This heartwarming book is full of inspirational stories written by a variety of authors who put their big girl breeches on and traveled the world on horseback.

Here’s some of what you’ll find in this book...

    -Shadow an Equine Vet in Namibia, Africa as you rescue a baby Oryx in distress
    -Journey across the Moroccan sands to the sea on a trip that will take you over a month to complete on horseback
    -Get blacklisted from the Country of Romania
    -Ride alongside icebergs in Greenland and take a ride in a helicopter

Plus much, much more!

This book is perfect for riders wanting to travel on horseback to exotic countries around the world.
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