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Horse Nomads
Equestrian Adventuresses Book 5

"I threw my long legs over my horse's back. Before I had time to put my feet into the stirrups, we were off! My little chestnut pony surged to life and took off as if the devil were at his heels. I called to Francois to catch up before disappearing over the hillside.”

Long ride across France, compete in Mongolia, lead a trail in India, and more as you embark on adventures in the saddle. In this book, you will find out what it's like to be a horse nomad as you follow the lives of 5 inspiring women on their daring adventures. You'll jump out of your comfort zone and into the saddle as you embark on the quest of your life. This heartwarming book is full of inspirational stories written by a variety of authors whose incredible true stories on horseback know no limits.

Here’s some of what you’ll find in this book...

    -Long riding across France at the ripe age of 60.
    -Mastering the phrase, “everything that can go wrong, will” while leading a trail in India atop Marwari horses.
    -Tackle the world’s “longest and toughest horse race” in Mongolia alongside your complete opposite.
    -Make yourself at home riding horses in Greece.
    -Journey through untouched Lesotho in search of freedom.

Plus much, much more!

This book is perfect for riders wanting to travel on horseback to exotic countries around the world.
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